Local Businesses Need Internet Marketing Pro’s

I am often amazed  at the wide range in variety for Internet Marketing “Solutions”  that are out there for local businesses.  From PPC specialty firms , Niche market firms, online directories, Social media sites, Citation sites, micro sites, Reputation tools, Online Banner ads, Video ads, and ratings and reviews.  The choices are vast and the confusion is even greater.

How is a local locksmith, or roofer, or plumber suposed to know what to do.  The old days of calling your yellow pages company for a full page ad are over.  Local Businesses today need a strategic marketing plan based solely around their internet web presence in their local market.  These plans should be a collaboration between local business owner & their personal Internet Marketing Consultant who can bridge the gap in technology and prescribe an approach that fits their unique company vision.

Local Business owners are being bombarded every day with every wild and crazy gimmick that is new on the internet.  It is the job of a true Internet Marketing Consultent to bridge the gap for Local Business Owners so their representation on line matches their businesses philosophy.



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