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Be In Control of Your Businesses Online Reputation

The Internet is full of great and useful material, but sometimes negative reviews about your business can find their way to the first pages of a search engine. Your business can be negatively affected by bad reviews, or even face criticism based on false comments posted by competitors. We have seen it all and we have a solution that will allow you to take control of your online reputation. Regardless of what reviews are posted, we will be able to bury the bad ones over time.

What We Do To Control Your Reputation Online

We like to think of Online Reputation Management as reverse SEO in a sense. First, we will make sure the business and business owners have everything properly set up for the public eye online. This means creating profiles on hundreds of popular sites such as LinkedIn. Next, we make sure that all privacy settings are in order across all of these websites to prevent any unauthorized users from making changes. Then we start with micro site creation. This allows us to have the sites that have been created to your standards show up on the first pages of Google.

With this process we have the capability to remove Rip Off Report articles about your business that may have a long and active history on the first pages of Google. This does take some time, but it is much more effective than the "Rip Off Report removal tools" that are advertised online. These tools do work temporarily, but the negative websites always find their way back to the first pages of search engines after a few months. Our process may take longer but it is a permanent fix. Contact us today to find out more or to speak with a Reputation Management Consultant.

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Are you or your business a victim of a false article posted on Ripoff Report? We understand how negatively an article posted on Ripoff Report can have on a business. Our Reputation Management Solution keeps articles off the first pages of the search engine and they stay off. We use micro site and strong public profiles to bury the Ripoff Report link.

Online reputation on newspaper of various companeisNewspaper Articles

Another popular source of negative press comes from local newspaper sites like the Review Journal or New York Times. These sites are trusted by many very popular sources which help them get to the top of search engine rankings. We can remove these articles using our Reputation Management Solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this process take?

The time it will take depends on many different factors such as article source and the time the bad press has been online. We can give you a much better response if we could look at your case specifically and review what needs to be done.

Will we see the negative article or press deleted from the search engines?  

In most cases we are not able to delete anything without getting webmaster approval which is not easy. However in some cases it is possible so we will always try. What we do is bury the negative article or link as far as possible with positive links.

What happens is something new is posted that is negative?

In most cases, if something new surfaces about your business then it will not show up on page one immediately unless we are just getting started in the reputation management process.

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