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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media channels like Facebook and Twitter are becoming a part of our everyday lives, and businesses are searching for a way to connect with their customers on these sites. Any additional advertising on the internet will always bring in new customers and help your business keep traffic coming in. It’s never been as easy to expand online through social media marketing as it currently is. Let us show you how we do it.

Social Media Marketing Made Simple

In today's digital world, social media is becoming more and more popular, but it may seem as if only large corporations are finding ways to make social media marketing work. Here at The Search Source we have developed a way to help businesses of all sizes succeed online within the various social media marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and You Tube. Make your business social by teaming up with The Search Source!

How We Do Social Media Marketing

We handle updates, replies, designs and re-tweets so you can focus on running your business. Setting up social media advertising takes some time due to the fact that we must no your business inside and out. We make sure that we walk away from our initial consultation knowing as much about your specific industry as possible. We start out with designing each of your social media page outlets. After that we focus on finding prior and current clients who will become fans or followers on these websites. Once we have set up a fan base on your social media sites, we focus on engaging your customers and promoting your business through these sites. We don’t hold back on anything with our social media marketing campaigns. We will use comments, offers, tips, check-in deals and email marketing to garner you new clients.

Social Media plays a vital role for SEOCreate Social

We will design social media icons and add them to your website, blog or just about anywhere online you could want them. Buttons come in all shapes and sizes.

social media reportUpdating
& Posting

We will update your social media channels on a daily basis if that is what it takes. Depending on the campaign that we launch we have a specific schedule to follow.

Social Media facebook, Linkedin Twitter for connectingSocial

After your business has a strong fan base we will start to promote specials that are social exclusive, this allows us to gauge how effective Social Media can be on a business

The Search SourceIncrease Your
Fan Base

Social Media is not social media without a fan base. We work hard to increase local fans so when your business is being social people hear your message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Social Media right for my business?  

Social media is a way to ensure your business has a presence on the internet, but it will not show a good return on investment (ROI) in all industries. For an animal hospital, social media marketing may be a great idea. For a plumbing company, however, having a social media fan page may not result in the same gains.

Can I just get help with Facebook? I don’t see Twitter being very helpful?  

Yes. We can set up social media advertising through just Facebook, but we would want to discuss this with you further to see if Twitter could be an asset. Sometimes it may not make sense right away, but your business could easily benefit from it.

I don’t have a social media marketing budget like Coca-Cola. Can you still help?

Yes! At The Search Source we have designed a way for every business to succeed online through social media marketing and other online marketing options. Please call us to see what we can do to help (702) 291-7270!

Can social media marketing be tracked so we know how it works for us?  

Social Media has its own version of analytics.  You will be able to see website traffic that came through social media channels and how many times each post or offer was viewed on the social sites.  We make the tracking come to life with our online marketing campaigns.

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