How Many Listings Does a Business Need on Google Places

We seem to run into this question with many small business owner’s. Many small business owners have many facets to their business. They may have started doing one thing and have expanded their business into other avenues as well. Many of these small business owner’s want to create 2 or more separate Google Places listings for their different services. There are a few things that need to be considered first.

Does the business operate all of their different services from the same location? Use the same phone number? Currently market multiple services together? If the answer is yes to these questions 1 listing is the correct choice. If you really want to use 2 separate listings they must become separate entities. You will need 2 or more office locations ( different addresses), different phone numbers, different business names and different ad’s online and in print. To do that is a huge investment or time and resources. It also will result in the need for multiple online marketing campaigns, resulting in twice the effort and budget needed. Not to mention you take the risk of google merging your separate listings together into one or worse both listings becoming “not supported”.

When the reality is you are one business with 2 different services, you will be seen as 1 business on google and 1 single google places listing is your best bet. This approach will ensure you are marketing your business the correct way in the eyes of Google.

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