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Online Video Increase Your Chances to Connect with New Customers

Online Videos Increase Your Chances to Connect with New Customers Here at The Search Source, our goal is to offer a solution for everything digital, and online video is no exception. We have seen what videos can do for websites. When someone wants to connect with your business, we want your business to be available whenever it may be most convenient for your customers. Online video does exactly that: connects your business to your audience. Adding a video to your website or YouTube channel can add value to your company as well.

Affordable Video Production for Small Businesses

After speaking with local businesses across the country, we have come to realize that most believe that online video production is very expensive and hard to set up. We know the opposite to be true. Unlike other companies that offer video production solutions, we have a onetime cost that covers everything from set up to the finished product. Best of all, when your video is complete you own it! That's right. We will release the hard copy of the video to you so you always have your video no matter what. Other companies make you pay monthly for videos and you never own your video. Please visit our YouTube channel to see examples of our videos.

Videao handySet Up and Shoot

Our Video Production team makes it so easy to get your video site in working order for the video and we walk your business through every step of the way.  We know video can be overwhelming so we are here to help no matter what concerns you may have.

Video OptimizationVideo Optimization

After your new video is complete it will be time to get your video out to the public and there is no better way than Video SEO.  We get your video ranked on Google and at the top of the video sites like You Tube.  People need to see what you have to say and we make that happen.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my video be shot?

We can shoot the video just about anywhere, but in most cases we go to your business to capture the best video for your customers.

How long will it take for a completed video?

We will set up the shoot when it is most convenient for you within two weeks of your order, and then it usually takes about a week for editing. We are only on location for two to three hours total for the video shot.

Can other people be in the video?

We let you decide who should be in the video. Whether you want one or three people total, it does not matter to us.

How long can the video be?

These videos are meant to be short so that we don't lose your audience. The average video is approximately one minute long. We have done thirty-second videos and some that run for over a minute, because the recording will depend on your specific situation.

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